God's Coloring Book

This time of year, you begin to realize the amazing detail that is in our beautiful landscape around us. The colors of the leaves force you to stop, take time out of your busy day, and just go, "Ahhhhhhh". Even driving on the interstate, the red maples and beautiful yellow beacons catch your eye and no matter what you are thinking about, you pause, if only for a second, and take it in. God's Coloring Book. It is creative, captivating and mesmerizing. His fall colors are just another reminder that He is awesome and powerful. I'm so thankful He didn't stay in the lines....

Love this time of year!

The trees are getting ready to burst with color, the temperature is more comfortable, the houses smell like pumpkin spice...I love fall. Although, fall also sends me into a panic. I start looking at the calendar and thinking about the upcoming holidays. What will I serve for Thanksgiving? How many people will I be feeding? When am I going to start Christmas shopping? UGH! 

This year I have resolved to have less stress. So, I am solving most of my issues this season with Etzler Country Hams! I am sending them as gifts, serving them for my events and snacking on them while I am wrapping Christmas presents! 

Take the stress out of your holiday this year, too!



Christmas Time's A-Comin'!

It will be here before you know it. If you are like me, you try to get your shopping done early to avoid the crowds. When the season hits, I like to just sit back, drink hot chocolate (with the little marshmallows in it), and watch Rudolph on TV. I don't like fighting for parking spaces and getting pushed around in the bustling stores. 

This year, let us handle your gift-giving! The gift of an Etzler Country Ham is sure to please and may even compliment your friend's holiday dinner! Get your orders in early so you can relax with a cup of hot chocolate, too!

Whatever happened to real people?

Sometimes I think that Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, The Terminator, could actually come true. It seems more and more that I end up talking to computers whenever I need help. Like setting up this website, I have chatted online, emailed, etc. to get my questions answered. How do I know that is a real person on the other end? 

You won't find that at our farm. We are 100% real people with 100% real ham and bacon! We have some great 100% real recipes on our site (just one note - the ham dip should not be served with micro-chips haha). 

New beginnings...

Out with the old, in with the new...sometimes I miss the old. Before there were computers. Before there were cell phones. How in the world did we do business back then? Word of mouth! Less stress. Less hassle. 

That being said, we are launching our new and hopefully, improved website. If you have issues viewing it, please let us know. We are still learning all this wonderful technology and welcome your suggestions. 

Thank you and have a blessed week!